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“BBC interview, and a quick visit”

Travelling Europe means a lot of PR work and interviews with the press. To date this is my 7th night of dinners, corperate functions and press related interviews. However I’m still looking forward to keeping the Poms happy. Last night i had an interview with BBC in which we chatted about rugby related matters specifically relating to the Welsh team, ... More

“Rugby round up”

My saterday finished off watching the Wallabies become victorious over the Welsh, making it 10 on the trot . As discussed during the week the Welsh yet again are finding it difficult to close out games, even when they have the ascendency over their opponents! This comes down to the style of play the Welsh are adopting. I find it interesting that the Welsh ... More

“Meeting up with family, and re-living some old memories”

Sydney was another interesting trip with all the excitement and meeting of old mates at the 84 reunion.We chatted about took Australian rugby and made it the best team in the world! Sadly Rugby in Australia is not what it used to be, and now with the ARU taking away allocated funding for club rugby the future does not look promising. With this stance the ... More