“Grass roots is where it starts”

My travels now take me to Nelson Rugby Club based in Wales. Here i got the opportunity to interact and work with talented youngsters who are passionate about the game of rugby. You certainly have to be passionate for the game to come to training especially when the weather is 6 deg outside! It is a fantastic opportunity ... More

“Lions jerseys on sale?“

A Great time spent with the Welsh fans at the function in Wales last night. A very festive atmosphere in great surroundings. Judging by all the Lions jerseys around there must have been a massive sale on the day before? During my travels i also get to taste the amazing cuisine each country has to offer. Although last ... More

Southern hemisphere teams win their opening games

All Blacks vs USA The All blacks played to a sellout crowd in Chicago against the USA. The game was aimed to promote rugby union in the US. The All Blacks ran out comfortable winners, just showing how far the rugby gap is between the two countries. A spectacle in itself was the sellout 60 000 plus crowd that turned up ... More

29 October – ”The tour starts”

Hi All This next month sees me travelling across the UK, where i will be chatting and interacting with  my fans at various corporate events. After a great function this evening, i caught up with some rugby “nuts” and chatted rugby. More specifically an Auzzie, Welshman, Kiwi and an Irishman. What a combination i ... More

30th October – “Time to travel”

Touring is always enjoyable however it does mean a lot of travel time! A 2 hour train trip sees me on my way to my first gig in Wales for the “tour”. Im looking forward to spending the night chatting with Jonathon Davis, Zinzan Brooke and ref Nigel Owens. More

“Club vs Professional Rugby”

Last week I was invited to watch College Rovers take on the Sharks XV. While watching the Sharks warming up I noticed a 3 on 2 drill that caught my attention. The purpose of the 3 on 2 drill was to stop the defender and put your team mate away either side of you! However in this instance it was not the case, as players ... More

“Meeting up with family, and re-living some old memories”

Sydney was another interesting trip with all the excitement and meeting of old mates at the 84 reunion.We chatted about took Australian rugby and made it the best team in the world! Sadly Rugby in Australia is not what it used to be, and now with the ARU taking away allocated funding for club rugby the future does not look ... More

“Grand Slam reunion”

After many  a corporate function my travels to me back to Sydney for the Grand Slam reunion. Reminsising over past victories and reuniting with old team mates transported me back 30 years to the days where all that mattered was playing the game i love. Although 30 years have passed it was great to see how we were all ... More