15's and 7's rugby academy

15’s and 7’s Rugby Academy


The David Campese 15’’s & 7’s Rugby Academy is a unique – offering of coaching programs for both players (girls and boys) and coaches in both codes of Rugby Union – 15’s and 7’s. David’s vision for his Academy is to always maintain his personal involvement with each individual program/team, ensuring that his signature coaching style encouraging creativity, unpredictability and flair, is the top priority.

“Over the years, I have experienced first hand, the frustration of players and coaches from all over the world, who are just as passionate about the game as I am, but are lacking the opportunity to access a style of coaching that develops expansive and attacking rugby. Through my Academy I am creating a pathway to spend time with these people and impart my experience and knowledge. My aim is to encourage players and coaches to embrace this style of rugby for both the 15’s and 7’s codes. I want players to become confident to play the running game and for coaches to see the benefits and allow players to be creative. ‘I want to see players
side-stepping, swerving, doing the Goosestep!

My vision for my Academy is TO CREATE PLAYERS AND COACHES OF SIGNIFICANCE” says David


This is an IN HOUSE PROGRAM FOR SCHOOLS AND CLUBS aimed at Rugby Coaches and Players (Boys and Girls). David Campese will personally develop and facilitate a 6 week Rugby Program for coaches and kids tailored to the specific needs of the Club or School. The Program offers an integrated program of coaching and skills development, across a 2-3 hour session each week, for six weeks.

This course content covers the full gamut of rugby skills, strategy and tactics, teamwork, health and fitness, and nutrition.

It covers all key rugby skills, while also offering the flexibility for participants to gain additional coaching in their specialist disciplines.
It includes a mix of team-based exercises and games where participants can put their developing skills and understanding to use.


This Program can be condensed and tailored to cater for the needs of International Clients.


  • Basic skills
  • Positional play
  • Basics of Running rugby
  • Fitness and exercises programs
  • Vision and anticipation
  • Attack and counter attack
  • Professionalism in rugby
  • Explaining and understanding the Laws of the Game
  • Evasive skills
  • Effective Communicating
  • Team mentality


  • Encouraging and managing Flair players
  • Basics of Running rugby
  • Basic skills
  • Fitness and exercise program
  • Encouraging Vision and anticipation
  • Attack and counter attack
  • Back line attack plays
  • Positional play
  • Instilling Players knowledge of the game
  • Explaining and understanding the Laws of the Game
  • Evasive skills
  • Effective Communication

Fee: $7000
All fees in AUD$ + GST


Available In Australia and Internationally

Host David as your personal Guest and Rugby Coach whilst raising money for your Club or School.

This unique experience brings David to your Country or Town as your Personal Guest and Rugby Coach for 3-4 days.

The package includes :
2 x coaching session 2-3 hrs – kids /coaches
Charity Dinner with David as the Guest Speaker.
4 ball Golf Day with David to be auctioned off for the following day
Autograph session
Kids receive a branded David Campese Academy boot bag
All proceeds above David’s fee donated to the club/school
Any Social Media, TV, Radio and Print is welcome but must be approved in writing by David
Travel and accommodation costs covered by the host


The David Campese Academy offers school holiday clinics which are available to schools, rugby clubs and communities who are eager to learn more about Rugby. Clinics provide ideal opportunity for rugby coaches and players to develop their skills in a fun and supportive environment.

Each day offers skills development, rugby matches and an opportunity to be on field with David and learn from the great man himself.

End of Clinic Award Ceremony for most promising Coach and Player
Signing and photo session with David
Kids receive a branded David Campese Academy boot bag


David offers private coaching for individuals or group/teams looking to sharpen their skill set and enhance their creativity and unpredictability on the field. These hourly sessions present players with the opportunity to be personally mentored by David.

Please note that a minimum booking of six sessions is required.

Private Coaching – $250 per hour – 20% siblings discount.
Group Training – $130 per hour.
Schools or Club Teams – $1500 per 3 hour session


This poem was given to David by his Mum in 1988 and was so inspired by it that he carried it everywhere with him and would read it before every game.

Winners are People like you – by Nance Sims

Winners take chances like everyone else, they fear failing, but they refuse to let fear control them.

Winners don’t give up. When life gets rough, they hang in until the going gets better.

Winners are flexible. They realize there is more than one way and are willing to try others.

Winners know they are not perfect. They respect their weaknesses while making the most of their strengths.

Winners fall but they don’t stay down. They stubbornly refuse to let a fall keep them from climbing.

Winners don’t blame fate for their failures, nor luck for their successes.

Winners accept responsibility for their lives.

Winners are positive thinkers who see good in all things. From the ordinary, they make the extraordinary.

Winners believe in the path they have chosen even when it is hard, even when others can’t see where they are going.

WInners are patient. They know a goal is only worthy as the effort that is required to achieve it.

Winners are people that believe in themselves. They make this world a better place to be.