“Are you being entertained?”

The game  on the world stage is becoming less about entertaining the fans, and more focused  on kicking and boring structured play! Entertainment is why the fans come to support their teams. However the game of rugby is more focused, at the moment on kicking the cover off the ball!

Maybe we should all go and play AFL ?

Coaches are getting so structured in their coaching , it is taking away players natural flare for the game. We need players to start pursing their natural ability and reading the game for themselves. I personally feel there shouldn’t be “runners” allowed onto the field yelling instructions to players from the coaches box, nor do i believe coaches should be addressing players at half time. Players need to start thinking about the game themselves and not  being instructed to do so !

Kicking looks to be the only way teams want to play the game! I kick to you and hope you make a mistake ? Boring!

Blues  vs Hurricanes ;

Using the ball is how you win games .The Blues still have not learnt that vital lesson. Basic skills and team work are a necessity, the Canes are definitely a team to watch as the tournament progresses.

Force vs Rebels

Not sure what to say bout these two teams, who themselves  are not too sure how to play the game? The Rebels at least try to move the ball around and can score some great tries! The force on the other hand are not a team  who will ever win the super rugby competition in my view . I say this again Australia cannot sustain 5 teams.

Crusaders vs Lions

Again the lions cant compete in super rugby , however they are still a great club side. They need to purchase some big name players, but the with the euro so strong and 45 SA players leaving at the end of the year ,this does not look likely. It is not looking good for them and the kings next year, as players are looking for more money. France and Japan are the only places to go. Unfortunately this is becoming a common occurrence in SA rugby.

Brumbies vs Reds

Again a very poor Reds performance, against a team that is looking in good form at the moment. Skills and player knowledge are poor to say the least , the coach must be staring down the barrel at this stage.

Highlanders vs Tahs

Turned out to be a fantastic game, but the Tahs opted to kick far too much ,which gave the kiwi team opportunity to counter attack . At the end the Tahs tried to chase the score board and with that ,a few passers were not going to hand and inaccurate. Highlanders are another team who are looking like a  cohesive unit on the field ! Tip to all the teams out there ! Dont kick to their back 3 !

Stormers vs Chiefs

This SA team has not lost a game this year, so i really expected a good game here! Again the knowledge of the chiefs players and their belief to win proved to much for the stormers. If your tactics are not working for you,then you need to re asses this on the field?  However coaches prefer run the game so players are less inclined to think . The chiefs are a quality team with some great stars and skills to go with it .

Sharks vs cheetahs

After the first round the sharks were looking for pay back . I thought the Sharks kicked away far to much possession , and their execution was terrible. The cheetahs however could not find their mojo and looked like a team that was trying to hard. The Sharks should have won by 50 . There skills and position combos are just not there yet.

SIX nations

I must admit that i didn’t watch all of the games , but what i saw was 6 teams all playing the same style . Swap jerseys and you wouldn’t know who was who ? Italy must learn to get the basic skills and understanding of the game with a French coach , who all he wants to do is kick the ball away. I will say it again :



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