“Rugby round up”

My saterday finished off watching the Wallabies become victorious over the Welsh, making it 10 on the trot . As discussed during the week the Welsh yet again are finding it difficult to close out games, even when they have the ascendency over their opponents! This comes down to the style of play the Welsh are adopting. I find it interesting that the Welsh RFC don’t support smaller clubs any more and not investing in grass roots as they use to. With the evolution of rugby into the modern professional era so have people forgotten that you need to invest in grass roots level to have the next generation of players coming through. Its very dis heartening to see a great rugby country with some of the most talented individuals , to now find itself in this predicament. On another disappointing note it was sad to see the old Cardiff arms park (Millenium ) stadium not full for the match againste the Auzzies. It is a sad state of affairs for Welsh rugby, could this be the start of declining support from the Welsh fans due to the style of rugby their team are implementing? I hope not.

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