“Club vs Professional Rugby”

Last week I was invited to watch College Rovers take on the Sharks XV. While watching the Sharks warming up I noticed a 3 on 2 drill that caught my attention. The purpose of the 3 on 2 drill was to stop the defender and put your team mate away either side of you! However in this instance it was not the case, as players seemed to be rather running through the drill and not focusing on the objective of the drill .At this level players should be compatent enough to perform these drills. What concerned me is that the players were doing the drill incorrectly and the coach still never stepped in to show them how to execute the drill correctly!

I know it is only pre season, but coaches carry the responsibility to teach players the correct skills in order to execute drills at training.

Something else I noticed in the warm up was players only using their preffered kicking to boot! surely as professional rugby players you need to be able to kick with both feet? I remember when I was just starting out , I would would train at lunch timesand always be at practice 30 minutes before to practice kicking with my left and right foot!

The game between the Sharks and College Rovers was not too bad , but a professional team will always have acendency over the game especially with their size and strength. One thing I did pick up on during the game which was a concern was the pattern of play from both teams. Althought conditions were not favourable for unning rugby this did not excuse the poor execution ad set pieces- especially at the lineouts! Running across field, is another bad habit which I am starting to see creeping back into the game! This type of play closes down space especially for the outside backs and in one instance during the game the wing got the ball with literally a foot or two of space between him and the touch line. Rovers made two good breaks duringt he game , but again it was the players running off the ball that failed to create options for the ball carrier to off load.

The sharks scrum was their strength and after 20minutes the score should have reflected a lot more on the scoreboard. Ball watching by the outside backs was something else that concerned me while watching the game. Far too often players are rather watching the ball in the ruck and not looking at their opposite numbers in front of them. How are you suppose to be able to read the game and make a “call” if you are focused on the ball In the ruck?

The game of rugby demands that your fundamentals and basics skills of the game be fine tuned all time! Rugby is a simple game if you can do the basics well !

Bets of luck to the two teams as they begin there respective campaigns!

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