“Meeting up with family, and re-living some old memories”

Sydney was another interesting trip with all the excitement and meeting of old mates at the 84 reunion.We chatted about took Australian rugby and made it the best team in the world! Sadly Rugby in Australia is not what it used to be, and now with the ARU taking away allocated funding for club rugby the future does not look promising.

With this stance the ARU are taking it would make sense that Australia should cut down to 3 super rugby teams, if we want to be considered a force in world rugby again? Many people with whom i chatted re iterated that the game being played in Auz is not how we used to play the game! Many influences outside the game of rugby have lead to the change in style of play, one such factor is the ARU neglecting grass roots development. People tend to forget that grass roots forms the foundation and future for rugby development. Personally its very sad to see rugby in this state, considering what the teams of 84, 86,91 and 99 did to put rugby on the map in Auz.

On a lighter note i went to visit my old town of Queanbeyan, and had a catch up with mum and the family. I also went and visit my old pre school and the “David Campese” field. This is where it all started for me, playing on open fields,having fun with mates bought back a lot of happy memories. I miss the days of entertaining and just having fun!

Im now back to London for the Wallabies last test against arch rivals the Poms. Looking at the game ahead the Wallabies need to up their game. The last game against the Irish saw us concede two easy tries , which at this level is unacceptable! Test rugby is on a level on its own and sad it see the Wallabies not being able to match this. Lets hope the Auzzies can pull it together, a week in test rugby is a long time!

I have another 5 functions booked tho week , which means I’m going to have to try explain over and over again how the Auzzies are going to overcome the POms at home! Which won’t be an easy task considering our past few performances.

I still believe we need stop the influence of rugby league in our game. This obsession about defense from people who have never played the game really annoys me! ( ill elaborate further in a future blog post)

The Boks on the other hand looked like a team that hadn’t played much together – although they had made considerable changes from the week before.

Travelling has taken its toll and I’m yearning to see the family again and to wish my Lillie girl for her 4th birthday!


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