“Grand Slam reunion”

After many  a corporate function my travels to me back to Sydney for the Grand Slam reunion.

Reminsising over past victories and reuniting with old team mates transported me back 30 years to the days where all that mattered was playing the game i love. Although 30 years have passed it was great to see how we were all still great mates. Looking back it was a dream for me to be part of sporting history! We are still the only team to complete a grand slam over all 4 home unions.

Some of my former team members were on good form, and it was evident from early on that after all these years that there skills off the field have not lessoned over the years. The attendance at our function was amazing, having 700 people at the event , although it was sad to see NO tables from the ARU or NSW unions.

I sat and watched all the games over the weekend and  watched the Boks beat the Poms! It was evident how bad the Poms are under pressure and will need to address this with the world cup around the corner! The AB s beat Scotland as was predicted, however they put up as best a fight as they could showing that Scottish rugby is on the way up. Wales were also clueless after Fiji were down to 14 men for the last 10mins. Watching Argentina vs Italy was like attending a 3rd rate club game, you wouldn’t expect that from a team like Argentina who plays in the rugby Championship?

I can’t understand what coaches are doing with players on the training field ? They definitely not teaching the players to think!

And so we look onto next weeks games, will be interesting to see how the Southern hemisphere teams cope with fatigue near the end of a long hard season.


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